KOHAR by Pearl | Unique, Hand-crafted Jewelry

A note from the Designer: "I was destined to design and I've always loved jewelry, so I've combined my passion with my destiny and I'm creating limited edition pieces in my collections. I'm collaborating with master craftsmen jewelers to bring you creative, hand crafted, assembled, polished, hand cut and set jewelry, for those of you who want something very special and unique."

"Not to mention, that all the work, starting with my design drawings and concepts, all the way down to the last detail, is done right here in the United States. That's right "made in America"! Shouldn't we be shopping and supporting our artists and craftsmen here, instead of outsourcing to the other parts of the world, as so many do?"

"So I'm proud to introduce to you Kohar by Pearl a unique line of beautiful, limited edition pieces for your pleasure. If you're a fashionista as I am, then I hope you enjoy what you see here, and I hope my designs speak to who you truly are!"